Round and Round We Go.... (roundandround2) wrote in depauw,
Round and Round We Go....

Operation Holiday Card

Dear friends, 

Operation Holiday Card has had an amazing response.  So far I have collected 396 cards.  What a wonderful gift to our servicemen and women.  But we can do better.  Just think of the numbers we could reach if each one of you sent in 2 cards.  My original goal for the project was 200 cards, my new goal is 600.  One donor promoted this cause in her workplace and sent in 200 cards!  So please take a few minutes today.  Write a note to an airmen or soldier inside your card.  Your words of support mean so much to these people.  Cards can be sent to:

Operation Holiday Card
6658 Youree Dr   Suite 180

Shreveport, LA 71105

There is a limited time on this collection since the cards will then have to be sent overseas.  Collection ends Dec 10, 2006, cards must be received by that date.  So please take a few minutes and send your card(s) today!

Thank you!


Questions?  E-mail

PS- Please feel free to pass this message along to everyone you know.
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