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DePauw University

The one in Indiana

That college in Greencastle, Indiana
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Done a boulder run? Love GCBs? Dated Roy? Shouted "Wabash SUCKS!"? Pledged a house or mocked those who did? Ever said, "The one in Indiana!" or "with a W!"? This is the place for you!

This is a community for all the current, past, and future DePauw University students on LJ.

*please note* if you have deleted your journal, i will remove you from the community to keep things clutter-free. you are free to rejoin with your old journal or a new one at any time. :)

DePauw University is a small (~2300), prestigious, Methodist-affiliated liberal arts college in Greencastle, Ind., 45 minutes southwest of Indianapolis. It has a College of Liberal Arts and a School of Music. It's known for turning out CEOs, journalists, and leaders. We're a friendly bunch and would be glad to answer any and all questions you have about DPU. Now, enough of the boring stuff, if you want the official spiel visit the website. :)

This community was founded by rocks_in_riots and is currently maintained by ubernerd83

Links you may find useful:
the official university site
The DePauw - the campus paper
Rutabaga News - DPU's version of the Onion
WGRE, 91.5, your sound alternative

Recognized student organizations

Please keep things ON-TOPIC: that is, relating to DePauw, DePauw students, classes, Greencastle, how evil the Greek system is, etc. Non-DPU students ARE welcome, however, if you have something to post that is extraordinarily off-topic, the least you can do is put it behind an lj-cut. figure out how to do that here.