Reckless Kelly (shiningstar55) wrote in depauw,
Reckless Kelly

Winter Term

So, I've got one more question!
I have a winter term thing all set up. I've got my paperwork filled out and everything. I'm going to work at a school for emotionally handicapped students. However, the paperwork says that an internship must last 6 weeks. Uhh... is that right? WT itself is only like 3.5 weeks. How can they really make independent experiences )not on-campus) last 6 weeks? Also, since this is at a school, they start back when WT starts and I can't keep going into second semester just to make it last 6 weeks.
Any information? Are they strict about that "6 week rule," or could they make allotments? Is 6 weeks even correct?
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You should check with the winter term office. Are you doing this for some sort of internship credit? If so, you might have a problem, but if it's just for Winter Term credit they should be able to work with you. Maybe in exchange for the extra time (since clearly the students aren't in school) you can do some readings on the subject of teaching emotionally handicapped students or something similar. They're usually pretty good about working with students to make things doable.
Ohhh, that makes sense! I appreciate it. I sent an email and will go in to check on it when I get to campus. Thanks!
I agree with the above comment. DePauw is pretty good about making things work for winter term internships. When I did mine, it only lasted four week with a final project. However, that was a few years ago ;)

Talk to the WT office when you can. I'm sure they'd be happy to help you work things out to fit the requirements and your needs.
That's encouraging! Thank you so much:)